Here starts a new hobby. I’ve been following a few amplifier builders in the net.

This beauty was on sale and I manage to get it. Radio with the name Tulane. This is going to be the starting point of a small amp head. And there is four so nice wooden knobs.

Places for five tubes already available. Have to change the tube bases but that should be easy with that kind of chassis.

With some backlights this tuning window should be a nice On/Off light.

Plan: Fender Tweed Deluxe 5E3 schematics, it has by default Volume 1, Volume 2 and Tone pots, I have to mod either Master Volume or change Tone to Bass and Treble stack to get all four knobs in use.

Real point-to-point version.

Easiest parts away, now some drilling to get the rivets away.

Plenty of places to choose for the tubes.

And there it goes.

Here it starts. Fender Tweed Deluxe 5E3 kit has arrived and there is a cardboard box full of stuff. Power transformer fits perfectly to its place and there is plenty of room for the output transformer near the 6V6 tubes. Preamp will sit there on the left side.

The modified schematics.

Because I was making some modifications to the amplifier I had to make me a new layout picture which I was updating while soldering so that the colors of the wires match my work.

Turret board has got the first components. The amplifier is going to have some modifications which are found from https://robrobinette.com/ pages:

- switched negative feedback

- FX loop

- Master volume

- 10% power switch

- Lead channel modification

Most of the soldering has been done.

All the connectors are going to be on the back of the amp. From left: Normal and Bright inputs, FX loop Send and Return jacks, speaker jacks (the other one still missing), Negative Feedback switch, attenuator switch (15 W or 1.5 W), Standby switch, fuse holder, On/Off switch and power cord.

Looks good.

Pots with long shafts are just perfect size to hold the knobs.

Because you can’t play with the amp head alone I have to start to make a speaker cabinet for it. I decided to make the corners with finger joints. And for that I need to make a jig.

At the same time I’m cutting plywood for the cabinet.

The old lacquer has been sanded off and it will be looking good when it gets the new lacquer. Backdoor has been also sanded and I made a new opening for the amplifier to it.

Here we are now, handles attached and speaker installed.

Next thing, making an isolation transformer with adjustable output. V-meter shows the voltage given to amplifier, A-meter shows how much current is drawn from the network.

Measuring the filament voltages and the high voltage from the power transformer without the tubes.

Everything was OK so there are the tubes now installed and ready to connect speaker and guitar and start testing.

Leatherette gluing about to start. There was enough width so that I decided to do it like that, one piece covers three sides.

Here she is now. Fender Tweed Deluxe fitted and modded into an old radio. The speaker is Jensen P12Q.

So many of my guitars showed up to get some tests done.


This was a project of autumn 2020.




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