Autumn 2018 and a new project starting. I was given a body shaped like Stratocaster but I changed it a little bit to look like Jazzmaster. Going to use a hard tail on this one. Hardware decided, electronics still unsure. I have been thinking at least one gold foil or a pair of them.


Top will be walnut. I got a piece of it from my neighbor at allotment garden. Maple neck.

Fret board is going to be ziricote.

Starts to look like nice. Gold foil pickups have arrived.

Several holes made to the pickguard.

Finalizing the pickguard.

Cavities under the pickguard. Next step the binding channels to body and headstock.

Bending the bindings.

Bindings also to the headstock.

Afternoon solderings.

Last fret to go.

The frets are on and roughly shaped.

Lacquer is on. Nut is done, tail piece and bridge has been set up, intonation done. Wiring was ok, it gives electric sound.

Now polishing the frets and adding some grounding tape to pickup cavities to ensure that there is no humming.

Here it is, ready for work. Added also string trees to lower the string after the nut.


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