Star IV

Jolana Star IV

These parts were found from Hankasalmi fom a farm house attic summer 2007.

Original Jolana logo has been lost but it has looked like the picture below. Glued to the upper bout upright position, the place of the logo can be seen on the paint.

Production of the Jolana Star IV was started in Czechoslovakia about year 1962 and it was an upgrade to the old two pickup Star model. Pickups were model Brilliant Deluxe. As a new thing there was also a pickup selector under the neck pickup.

Jolana guitars were sold in Great Britain under the name of Futurama, this model was called Futurama Duo. Guitars were sold by Selmer which is also known about amplifiers.

Tuners have been covered with plastic. Nice touch.

The glue in the neck pocket had failed and maybe thats why the guitar had been abandoned to attic. After the repair the neck is now bolted.

New Tune-o-matic Bridge. The original bridge was lost.

Made in Czechoslovakia.

Number 4182 on the neck is not the serial number. Body had also number 171 C and thats not either the serial number.

Jolana was not keeping very good records about serial numbers. In the internet there is information about this model with name Star IV and V. I believe this is the Star IV.

And this is how it looks after the repair. Everything else is original except the bridge.

Jolana with Roland Micro Cube.

Repair job was done by Soitinpaja Jasesoi in Jyvskyl.

Jolana Czech pages.

Another Jolana page

Futurama web site.


The most famous Jolana players may have been George Harrison and Jimmy Page. They played a model called Resonet Grazioso. The Resonet name was changed to Jolana in the beginning of 60s.

Comment from George Harrison about -58 Resonet: The Futurama was a dog to play, it had the worst action. It had a great sound, though, and a real good way of switching in the three pickups and all the combinations.


Futurama Duo advertisement from Selmer catalog from the year 1964. Price was 25 gns. Resonet Grazioso was about 55 gns. So this Star IV was a quite cheap model.

Futurama Duo was in the Selmer catalog till the year 1965.

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