Simobacker #2

I decided to make me another copy of Rickenbacker. But this time changing totally the wood and also the pickups. Maybe even making a hole on the top.

One piece body and neck will be mahogany (sapele) and the one piece back will be bubinga. What a nice looking wood. It will be used also for headstock veneer. Pickups will be mini humbuckers. Three volume pots and one tone pot. And of course Bigsby B5 type tremolo.


Pieces have been cut and I will put a stripe of maple in the middle of the neck.

Extra wood away, first by drilling.

There is the rough shape of the thinline guitar.

There will be the place for the Bigsby type of whammy bar.

Neck is glued, including ears. Bubinga veneers both back and front of the headstock.

Fitting the neck and making plans for the pickguard.

Neck is sitting there nicely and aligned with the body.

Truss rod has been fitted to the neck and a f-hole to the upper bout. Little bit cavities for the pickups, I dont want them as high as the toasters in my first build.

Pickups and knobs looking nice with the pickguard.

Gluing some small pieces of mahogany and maple.

They will be the fretboard markers. Fret ends will be covered with the strip of ebony, cut from the fretboard.

Markers on their cavities.

Then there was time to make the f-hole binding, tortoise and black-white stripe.

The router burns cleaned away and the signature on the top.

Handmade binding slots with chisel and purfling cutter. The rest will be done with router.

12 radius sanded and the markers look really nice.

Gluing the lists, last piece is the tortoise.

First layer of binding for the front side headstock veneer and bending the back side veneer. Front side is obony and back side is the same bubinga as the back of the body.

Some hammering to do, to get those frets to their places. Headstock veneer bindings are all glued now.

Getting really exited to get this ready. Looking so nice.

Logo will be Simobacker.

Pots, switch and capacitor soldered.

First tests with the colors. Red-brown two tone burst is the plan.

Not as much red as on the test piece.

Ready (almost). First set of strings has been tuned up, next step is the fine tuning of the intonation.

This is how she looks from behind. The red stain didnt look good on the bubinga, only a little bit of brown burst.

Side by side. The first was almost a copy of the Capri 325 of John Lennon with toasters the second is something else.

The making of this took the winter 2016-2017.


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