Pro Martin

Pro Martin W-300. This one needs now new top. Original was laminated and when the bridge came off it took the first layer with it. Now starting to try to change the top. Neck, fretboard, sides and back are ok. Frets are of course going to be replaced.

Originally the headstock veneer has been quite dark.

Frets removed and using the knife opening the gluing of the fretboard.

New top is already waiting, work starts maybe in September.

New top glued .

Making same kind of bracing as I did to the Dreadnought I made two years ago.

Simple rosette this time.

Sound hole opened to the new top.

Gluing the braces one by one.

Braces are roughly shaped, couple of braces are not there yet because I need to get the top removed to see the size of the neck block. The other missing one is the plate under the bridge.

I managed to get the fretboard in one piece off the neck. If there is a dove tail, it is under the top. The top was glued onto the neck block so I was lucky not to try to use steam to loosen the neck. It was the right decision to detach the fretboard first.


The top has been removed. First binding away with Dremel and then using a saw to cut the top  off.

Not a very beautiful bracing. One of those finger braces is not the same wood as three others, maybe a piece of the laminated side,  and the plate under the bridge has been almost cut to two parts and it seemed to be spruce, some material missing between the holes. There was at least 1 mm gap in the x-brace joint.

Now starting to fix the sides to take the new top. Then gluing the fretboard and fretting it.

Top is on its place. Now making a new bridge of a piece of rosewood.

Old lacquer way and making the neck more round.

Clean and and now it fits better to my hand.

New bridge is roughly shaped, fretboard is not yet glued. After it is glued I can find out the height of the bridge. Also routed the top for the purfling and binding.

Bindings are now almost ready.

Frets are on place. Now just measuring the place for the bridge and gluing it. Then searching the intonation. New bone saddle must be also adjusted.

Also a set of good tuning machines.

Bridge glued.

Only holes for the string pins and the cavity for the saddle missing.

Ready for the first strings.

Only shellack missing. For protection of the top. Final lacquer later in the winter with two other guitars. Plays as it should be. With this top she should manage the next few decades.




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