Im not a collector of instruments but I have anyway quite many  of them. Now when Ive started to make instruments I dont switch to a new one anymore because now I can fix them e.g. if the frets are worn out or something like that.

Top from left: Jolana (from Czechoslovakia)), Telecaster Thinline, Stratocaster (build from parts), Maccaferri, Taylor 12-string model, Seagull, portuguese guitar and Washburn.

Bottom from left: Rickenbacker, Simobacker, Gretsch 6210, Benedetto, Dreadnought and Jazzmaster style guitar made of stratocaster body.

Jolana, Seagull and Washburn are not made by me, the others are.  

Two latest guitars missing from this picture; Hermann Hauser and ES-335.


Heres also the amplifier (Fender Tweed Deluxe, 5E3 version) built in an old Tulane radio.

Line of acoustics. 

I have had also this kind of guitars:


Ibanez, 12-string, bought from Stockholm 1979.


Ibanez, 12-string, bought from Nummela near Helsinki. I switched the old Ibanez to this new one.


Fender Telecaster -74.

... and also these kind of guitars I have owned at some point:



    Seagull S6+




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