Here starts the next project: 

Classical guitar based on the guitar Hermann Hauser made for Andrés Segovia 1937. The guitar is in Metropolitan museum in New York.

Here are the parts, only the ebony fretboard missing from the picture. Indian rosewood back, sides and head veneer, spruce top, cedar neck, Brazilian rosewood bridge.

Making the mold.

Starting by gluing the back.

Nice figure on the back.

Solera is getting ready.

Traditional classical guitar rosette.

Some details of the rosette. Made out of so small pieces.

Tail block glued. Peg head is waiting for its turn.

And here we are gluing the peg head to correct angle.

Parts for the neck. Peg head veneer is rosewood and fretboard will be ebony.

Braces have been done a bit further, the length and the width are about ready, the height of every brace will be trimmed after gluing the braces.

The braces have been selected so that the grain is symmetrical to the center line of the top.

The first back brace glued.

Back strip is glued.

Shaping of the heel has started.

Same colors to the neck and headstock as on the back strip.

Fan braces glued and starting to plane them.

Fan braces planed and ready for final sanding.

There it is now all braces done.

Tuning machines are fitted and the headstock has got its slots and shape. be continued...



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