Grand Symphony

Also a new project in autumn 2018 is a Taylor shaped Grand Symphony model, 12-string version.

Indian rosewood back and sides, spruce top, mahogany neck, ziricote fret board and head veneer, rosewood bridge, flame maple bindings.

Top and back are glued.

Back has a nice figure in it and it comes nicely to the bottom of the back.

I ordered one traditional rosette to this project already but now I decided that I try to make it using these small pieces of different pieces of wood that I’ve gathered during the years.

And so you get the rosette out of that cake of glued pieces of wood. Dremel helps a lot.

The mold is also almost ready. A lot of drilling and gluing.

Back stripe getting glued.

Top bracing cut. Next preparing them so that I can glue them.

Top bracing is glued and almost ready shaped.

Same with the back. Braces glued and roughly shaped. Need a bit sanding still.

Here starts the bending of the sides. This should be an easy job because there is not cutaway. Top and neck directions marked so that there wouldn’t happen any mistakes.

And there we have them setting for a few weeks.

Slots for truss rod and carbon rods done. Also the neck block and tail block are ready.

Next the kerfing and side braces.

Now there will be a break in the build because of the Christmas time. In January it continues with neck and fretboard.

Carbon rods glued.

In this neck I decided to try this kind of volute.

Gluing the top.

Fretboard cut to correct size, fret slots done, peg head veneer glued.

And the back is now glued.

Fretboard is going to have block inlays and bindings.

Plan for the bindings. Flamed maple.

Bending the bindings.

Bindings for the top on their places.

Also the back side is ready.

Fretboard looks really nice.

Holes for the tuners. Frets done.

The bridge is looking like this.

Final gluing of the neck and fretboard are getting closer and closer.


... Continues...


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