Gibson ES-355

Now starts the new project for spring 2020. A Gibson ES-335 copy.

A little bit like this, but maybe not red.


Top is going to be poplar burl, back will be olive tree, and because Im not starting to bend the sides Im going to make a body of a wood called okoume, an African mahogany, ebony fretboard, ziricote head plate. Pickups will be vintage sound P90s. Tuning machines from Schaller, also a Duesenberg Radiator Tremola.




Neck is going to have a rosewood stripe. Neck is going to have truss rod and carbon rods

Tool which Im going to use when shaping back and top.

Lines for the arched top drawn, Duesenberg Tremola and the knobs arrived.

Curves are starting to appear.

Nice figures visible when wiping with damp cloth.

Inside shaping. The top is difficult to work with because the grain is going every possible direction.

Taking some extra wood away to make back lighter.

Body roughly shaped.

Neck is progressing also. Next truss rod and carbon rod routings. Ziricote veneer is almost black and white. It has only shades of gray.

Truss rod and carbon rods are on their places, next the headstock veneer.

F-holes opened.

Name in the headstock.

Cavities for the pickups and neck are done.

Fretboard bindings glued, next the pearl blocks.

Starting to bind the headstock.

And so they are glued.

Binding next the f-holes and the pickguard.

Taking some weight off from the body and putting some shields for the wiring.

Shield also on the inside of the top. And small braces to support the f-holes. I used shellack to close the inside. Time to close the box.

Top bindings, glue drying.

All the top binding glued.

Same thing on the back side.

A little bit linseed oil to deepen the colors on the back.

Testing again the parts together now as the bindings are on their place.

Frets in the slots.

Heel cap is also made of olive tree.

Very nice flame.

Olive tree back, Schaller tuners.

P90 pickups, Duesenberg tremolo, Schaller roller bridge, poplar burl top, ebony fretboard, MOP blocks.


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