Here’s my collection of electric instruments:

Rickenbacker 325 Capri (Simo Ylönen Custom). Body is flamed alder. Maple neck and rosewood fretboard. Neck is longer than the original, scale is 23,5” instead of 20,75”.

Telecaster Thinline (Simo Ylönen Custom). Body is alder, top and neck are flamed maple, rosewood fretboard. Pearl figured bindings on the sides and on f-holes. Seymour Duncan Telecaster Vintage Stack pickup set.

Stratocaster (assembled from parts, so it’s a Partscaster). Body is swamp ash with quilted maple on top. Maple neck. Sperzel tuners and Wilkinson/Gotoh tremolo.

Simobacker. This time mahogany body and neck, ebony fretboard. Mini humbuckers with six position switch.

Jazzmaster style guitar made of body blank that I got. Walnut top, ziricote fretboard, maple neck. Gold foil pickups with Jazzmaster schematics.

Gretsch 6120 copy, a project that took a very long time to get here.

ES-335 style guitar with P90 pickups.

This will be a birthday present for a 10 year old. Made of a kit.

Starting to make a bass. DIY kit of Hofner 500/1, Beatle bass.

New Telecaster.

Jolana Star IV. Czechoslovakian guitar from 60’s.




Copyright © 2011-2021  Simo Ylönen

Copyright © 2011-2021  Simo Ylönen

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