The first guitar I got to myself was this Pro Martin. A Japanese D-28 clone. It has V-shaped neck. It has also laminated top, so not the best possible sound. Im going to change the top to make it a guitar again.

So 2017 I decided that it is time to do this kind of guitar myself. Here are the woods. The back and the sides will be Indian rosewood, top will be sitka spruce, neck will be mahogany and the fretboard and the bridge will be ebony. Bindings will be done with purple heart wood. And of course a lot of abalone. Like in D-45 or D-42.

All wood material was ordered from www.riwoods.com.

Making the mold takes always its time. Still some back side shaping to be done at school.

Sitka spruce top and Indian rosewood

Really tight and straight grain in the middle of the top.

Back and top. Starting soon to make the braces.

Plan for binding the sides.

Plan for purfling the top.

Rosette glued.

Hole is ready.

Bracing pattern of the top. X is already glued.

Top and back bracing glued and shaped.

Two way truss rod and two carbon rods to reinforce the neck.

Bending the sides.

Some parts starting to be ready. Blocks glued. Everything fits to the mold. Wood shaping done on the back of the neck and peghead.

Plan for the peghead inlays.

Linings on the way. This phase is the one I like the most, it also means that very soon the box is going to be glued.

Linings and the side braces have been glued.

Top is now glued. Soon also the back. But before that the inside must be sealed with shellac.

Peghead ready and glued. Plan is to have purple heart bindings on the sides of the fretboard.

The box is glued and the inside has been sealed with shellac.

Fretboard bindings glued and cavities for the inlays done. A sample of the bindings and purflings done to make some measurements for the routing.

Bindings have been bent with hot bending iron and now drying in molds to keep the form.

Volute will be looking like that, not the pyramid ala Martin.

Neck dove tail ready and fitted.

Almost ready to start binding.

And so are the bindings glued finally. There was almost 30 different pieces to be glued.

My own tool to measure the center line for the neck.

Also the position of the bridge has been measured. Next it is going to be glued.

Bone saddle is roughly made, needs finalizing. The truss rod cover is going to be rosewood.

First strings on. Temporary bridge is made of a piece of a fret wire and a piece of rosewood. So that I can measure exact place for the the cavity of the bone.

Jig to make place for the bone saddle.

And here she is. Nice sound, just what I was looking for when starting the project.



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