I have had computers at home since the 80s. I used to work in those days in Nokia Electronics computer factory. I was mostly building cash registers and cash register systems.

During the years I have had computers running with i8085, i80286,  i386, i486, Pentium (60MHz), Pentium Pro (200 MHz), Pentium II, Pentium III, AMD Sempron and so on. I have about 20 different processors which I have kept after disassembling the old computers. I have never bought a branded machine from a shop. The first one I even soldered myself, all components to the motherboard. After that I have built the computers from scratch buying the motherboards, processors, memories, power supplies, cases and built them then myself.

Processors have been either AMD or Intel depending the prize or performance of the processor. At the moment I have two PCs at home, my older machine runs by overclocked Intel Q6600 (overclocked from 2,4 MHZ to 3,5 GHz) and the operating system is Linux, Ubuntu Studio.

My Windows PC, which I built in spring 2013, runs by water cooled Intel i7-3770K overclocked to about 4,4 GHz. Hard disks are in RAID 0 setup having reading and writing speed about the double what a single drive can offer.



ASUS Maximus Formula V, Intel Z77 chipset


Intel i7-3770K , 3,5 GHz, overclocked to 4,4 GHz


Corsair water cooling system


16 GB, DDR3, clocked to 2400 MHz

Hard disks

Windows: RAID, 2 pieces SSD 120 GB


GeForce GTX 1060


ASUS 28"


Logitech K850 / mouse Logitech M720







New machine and old machine. Older machine runs Linux now.

Old was built in Antec Piano Black box and the new is in Fractal Design.




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