Bowed lyre

I started to build instruments in 2009. I wanted the same kind of Rickenbacker that John Lennon used to have in the beginning of the 60s. Rickenbacker 325 Capri with natural color, not the black.

I applied and got a place in adult education in instrument building course. 12 evenings, 2 hours per evening, in the fall and 12 evenings in the spring, so 48 hours all together per year. First in the course you should build a smaller instrument than a guitar to get familiar with all the tools and machines. I selected the the Finnish folk instrument called jouhikko, a bowed lyre, to start with.

There are the drawings and most of the material. back, top, sides, basebar and so on.

A this point some of the parts have been glued together. Next step is to make the f-holes to the top.

Hand made end pin.

Holes on the top are ready.

Now everything is glued together and sanding starts. End pin, string holder and bridge are also ready.

Handled all parts with linseed oil. Now hanging there about a week to dry.

Tuning pegs done and also the holes for them.

The bow is made of rowan and horsehair. Also the strings are horsehair.

And it is really difficult play.

This bowed lyre I made in autumn 2009.


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