Bolt neck LP

While the Corona virus is causing us to be at home I decided to make a birthday present guitar. I selected one German kit to start with, 116 €. Cheap.


Nice woods, neck is sitting very well in the neck pocket. The top is a very thin veneer, can’t be sanded much.

Three piece body and the glued parts were not following the center line of the body.

Some water based colors to the body.

And also on the back and neck.

Nitrocellulose lacquer from spray can.

Starts to shine, a couple of layers done.

Color differences of the wood are visible also under the lacquer.

Owners name on the head stock.

Ok, hardware attached. Intonation was easy, the bridge was in the correct place. It needed only a little bit of filing to get the strings to same level.

Looks nice and it is easy to play.



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