Here’s my collection of acoustic instruments:


Seagull S12+, with pickup. Top is solid cedar, sides and back wild cherry, mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard.

Washburn D46CSE, with pickup. Spruce top, rosewood on the sides, back and fretboard.

Simo - jazz guitar. Made following Benedetto plans, a half inch deeper body, archtop guitar. Spruce top, flamed maple back and sides, maple neck, flamed maple bindings. Rosewood veneers on the top and back of the headstock. Ebony fretboard and tailpiece. Fingerrest is stained maple. Ebony bridge and truss rod cover. Mother of pearl inlays. All wooden parts hand made. Guitar is finished with French polish.

Portuguese guitar. An Idea to make this kind of instrument came after going to a couple fado concerts. To name a few artists like Kirsi Poutanen, Cristina Branco and Mariza.

Selmer-Maccaferri type guitar. Building of this kind of guitar was inspired by Django Reinhardt.

Martin style guitar, x-bracing is moved a little bit closer to the sound hole and body is a little bit thicker than in the plans. Really nice sounding guitar.

Hermann Hauser 1937, now I have also a nice sounding classical guitar.

Grand symphony style 12-string guitar.

Pro Martin W-300. First guitar that I bought to myself with my own money in early 70’s.

Egmond Lucky 7.

Helena is my first guitar. A Christmas present. Model name Helena 1, made by Elis Hindsberg, Gesterby, Finland.

Landola ST-23. I have fixed the tuning machines for this one.



Domra has been brought as a souvenir from Odessa (USSR) in early 80’s.

Mandolin was bought from a hardware store called Renlund.

The first instrument I made all by myself from scratch.



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